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by Stormy on May 06, 2007

Remember the Cow Parade? It's moved on, but the cows are still here!

Fifty-Moo-Eighty is one of the 2006 Denver Cow Parade participants. It was designed by Jenifer Thario for the Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau. At the end of last year this cow was sold at auction, like most of the other Denver Cow Parade participants. Fate is a fickle animal and I got to meet Fifty-Moo-Eighty again this year. The new owner wanted the cow glossed with a clear coat and Fifty-Moo-Eighty wound up at a friend's body shop. When I heard, I could not resist the opportunity to get my picture taken with this bovine!

Stormy with Fifty-Moo-Eighty.
(taken by Max on May 06, 2007)
Stormy with Fifty-Moo-Eighty.
(taken by Max on May 06, 2007)

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